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    partnership organised BE under the Civil Code [KOMM.]

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    Manchester, Cadiz, Frankfurt

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    Stuart Hardy

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    …named one of the most influencial creatives of the century by Cannes Lions Festival 

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highly motivated employess

digital #UX/UI Design #E-Commerce/Social-Commerce #Web3/metaverse Design #Online Marketing

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strong brands as customers


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New Cannibals is a tribe of acclaimed creative transformation consultants fixated on driving business growth through innovative re-invention

We help businesses and individuals shake off the shackles of traditional thinking  to create and capture new sources of value. We challenge existing business models and harness the unexpected, the possible and unique – to create agile business and individual performance that sets us apart from other tribes.

We believe in creating the ‘NEW Traditional’, where people and business develop a sense of nostalgia for the now, not the past. By creatively working with organisations to  dis-member the past – in an honourable way, we can liberate innovation and value for a wider eco-system, and create empowering cultures for the benefit of self, teams, organisations and society.

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