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Membership off the NEW CANNIBALS Agency tribe is by invitation and tribe leaders review. New Cannibals strives to present a complementary and synergistic cross-segment of european l markets, expertise and industries. With a competence in both B2B and B2C communications, the New Cannibals Agency Networkbrings together top talent in european branding, advertising and marketing communications agencies.

Membership standards are necessary for any mutually cooperative organization such as New Cannibals so that common interests and focus may be provided. It is on the basis of such standards that the recognition, prestige and benefitt toNew Cannibals members exist.

Not only is the maintenance of these standards of importance to the continued growth of New Cannibals as an organization, but through the application of these standards, each individual member may have the benefit of self-regulation and improvement, to the end that each may grow and prosper in his own community.


1. Ownership and control
The membership concerns the agency as an organization. Each agency appoints an official spokesman (ideally shareholder or Managing Director), which has the allowance to be financially responsible for the agency.

2. Establishment
The agency shall be properly established in business and be representative in size and reputation to the city and market in which it operates; have been doing business as an advertising agency for not less than two years and demonstrated the experience and ability necessary to ensure a stable operation.

3. Experience and Organization
The agency shall be qualified by experience to study the client’s business and products; analyse their market; form sound judgments; deliver constructive, consulutative advice; and render an adequate quantity and quality of service.

4. Financial
The agency shall provide adequate financial disclosure upon application; have a financial record clear of bankruptcies and financial difficulties in relation to itself and its principals; have proper accounting and auditing procedures (or a qualified outside accounting source) to permit prompt participation in financial and operating comparisons of the type ordinarily employed in the agency business.

5. Clientele
The agency shall have a list of representative and diversified accounts.

6. Professional Standing
The agency shall have and maintain high professional standards; demonstrate evidence of such ability though honours and awards won for the excellence of its output or by submitting representative samples of its work.

7. Acceptance
The agency shall show evidence of a cooperative attitude; demonstrate its willingness and desire to serve other NEW CANNIBALS members; be harmonious in relation to the service concepts and objectives of NEW CANNIBALS; and receive unanimous acceptance of its application by the NEW CANNIBALS Tribe Leaders after financial, operating and other analyses have been completed.

8. Costs
The agency will agree to comply with all financial and other conditions stipulated in the by-laws.